Life on Prozac

Life on Prozac

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A thought..

People go through rough times, they fights, they hate each other, then they forgive each other. It happens everyday, it's really just a part of life.

Sometimes there will be a person or persons whom you had a fight with and didn't speak to in a loooong time. Deep inside a part of you wants to forgive them and let it go but you can't. Because although you did some wrong, you are convinced that they did the ultimate wrong thing and that they should be saying sorry not you.

You hope that someday these persons would do something sooooo unexpected and so over the top that would make you go like "Wow, this person really cares! Maybe I should give him/her a second chance." And by that I don't mean a simple text message or a phone call… I mean something that really shows that another person cares…

However reality hits, and you realize that in the real world things like this are very unlikely to happen. Add to that the fact that you are probably not of much importance for those persons to make them go through the trouble of doing something like that…

Ah well whatever is meant to happen will happen I guess :D

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's about time! :P

Yeah yeah yeah I haven't updated in a while :P No reason really I just didn't know (and still don't know) what to write :P
SO! I decided to go with another random post :D

- I don't know what people are complaining about :S -15 doesn't feel THAT cold. I mean sure it's cold, your skin is dry and pealing off, you can't breathe easily, it's hard to walk in the snow, BUT STILL it's not unbareable! I like it :D Snow is nice :D (except for that day when it was windy and I lost some eye lashes walking in against the wind :P. Oh and yeah that time when I almost fell down and shouted HOLY MOTHER OF GOD :P). But yeah other than that snow is nice :D The coty looks brighted in the night because the white snow reflect the sreet lights).

- This is kinda related to the first random idea :S: I noticed that I use lots of christian phrases in my daily life :S I mean c'mon "Holy Mother of God"?! I don't belive that God has a mother so why did I even say that :S I really don't know... it just comes out :S It's even worse sometimes when I go like "Holy Shit!" :P Ya gotta watch out I don't wanna become too Americanized or something :S

- Today is Micha Barton's! (You know that anorexic hot biatch from The OC :P) HAPPY B.DAY MICHA! :P I stopped watching the show after she died... It wasn't worth it anymore... :P

- 7 days till P!NK/Justin Timberlake concert! :P WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! :P
IT should be pretty fun :D Add to that the fact that I didn't pay for my ticket :P

- I finally found an apartment for next year. I might end up living with Craig. Haha it was fun when I met his dad last weeK :P (Craig is half brown half white) and his dad doesn't look anything like him :P So I was in shock for 2 min and didn't say a word :P I got over it though and had a nice chat :D

- Tonight I have to got eat dinner with my dad's friends :S (yes HAVE TO, no choice :P) It might be fun though you never know... And even if it wasn't it will be free food right :P

Friday, December 15, 2006

All-Nighters rock my socks off!

So Shirin, Sahar, and I get together and decide to pull an all-nighter to “study” cause we’re so far behind.
A few hours, few tv shows, and 2 boxes of pizza later… WE HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING :p
Then we waste another hour talking about how bad our academic situation is :P
Then we go to 2nd cup to get some coffe…. But instead of becoming awake and studying we become hyper and start running down the street :P

Then before you know its 7 a.m and we all go to bed cause the “all-nighter of studying” is over :P

Yup that’s an average night during finals :P

I can’t believe that I’ll be back home in sunny Saudi in 4 days!!!!!!! *celebration music in the background*

I went shopping today after my brutal Mechanical Physics final. I managed to buy everyone something except my lil’ bro Aziz! They’re out of both PS3 and Nintindo Wii I dunno what to get him :S

Haha this post is so badly written :P I just have no idea what to write about cause I’m so tired and excited :S SAUDI IN 4 DAYS!!! HOME COOKING! A CAR TO DRIVE! WEATHER WHERE U DON’T NEED TO WEAR A SCARF AND DOUBLE GLOVES!!!!! And above everything… MY MOMMY! :p

Friday, November 03, 2006


What is love? How can you tell if you love someone? How can you tell if you love them or if you just like them? How can you tell if you love them or if they’re just you’re best friend?

Am I in love again and I don’t even know it?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Speak Silence

From 5:00 P.M. Oct 20th till 6:00 P.M. Oct 21st many people around the globe will be speaking silence for 25 hours.
None of them will say a word, they will stay completly silent for 25 hours in the memory of the 25 million people who died from AIDS.

You can also make donations using you're account on the website. If you can't then its ok, just Speak Silence and raise the awareness of the AIDS crisis... Maybe someone who can donate will notice you and donate money.

My vow of silence will start on Oct 20th, 5:00 P.M.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

No you're not dreaming :P IT'S A NEW RANDOM POST! :P

Another season has officially begun.

First of all let me start for apologizing for not updating for more than a month. I know that you guys missed me :P

- Today Ramadan starts here in Montreal according to the MSA (Muslim Student Association). Amazingly it's also the beging of the new Jewish year, The Rosh Hashanah. What a small world…

- I don't know why people drink. I don't drink but I don't mind if people around me did, it's just not my cup of tea. It's a waste of good money, it doesn't smell and probably doesn't taste that great, it's loaded with calories, it makes you look like shi*. What's the point?
Yesterday everyone was dressed up and looking good. So many parties and celebrations were going on in the same night and people didn't know how to start. It was ironic the way the same people who looked great at 9 p.m. looked at 3 a.m. I was walking with my friends down the halls in New Rez (our drom) and we saw some people who were too drunk to even stand up. Lying on the floor in their boxers not knowing what planet they're on. Throwing up in trash cans and smelling like shi*. And the next day they'll wake up feeling like someone beat the hell out of them.
Their excuse is: "It makes you go loose." If you need alcohol to make people like you and fit and get loose… Then you're personality must really suck! You don't need to drink to get loose, just be confident. Alcohol? No Thank You, I'd rather have a chocolate milkshake.

- I love Montreal! The atmosphere, the people, the festivals, the shops, the weather, the food, everything is just great! However thanks to the sudden temperature drop from 25 to 7 the other day I have a nasty flu :P

- New Residence Hall is probably the most spoiled dorm in Canada :P It used to be a hotel and then McGill bought it and turned it into a dorm. Each room has it's own bathroom, we have a lobby with a piano great sofas and a desert shop, we have 24/7 security, a reception, and oh the cafe! The cafeteria is sooooo good! It really doesn't feel like a drom :P

- I hope that the person I have in mind right now makes it to McGill next year :P *wink wink*

- I miss my mommy :( I'm not really that homesick yet, maybe it's because there are always tooooo many things to do and I don't have the free time to feel homesick :P But I really do miss my Mom and family :( I wish if they were near in Toronto so I can go visit or something :P

- Fall leaves are starting to fall, marking the beginning of a new season and the end of another. This same time last year I was depressed alone in my bed crying over her. A year later my scar is still open but I'm stronger and better than I used to be. I wonder what will happen. I wonder what the days and new seasons will bring for my friends and I?! I don't know the answer for that and nobody can. Unlike the weather life is unexpected and we cannot guess and predict, anything may happen or it may not, only time can tell.

- Today is also Saudi Arabia's National Day. 3ash Bu Mt3b :P

- Was I blind?! Am I finally starting to see what was right in front of me all the past months? I don't know… I really need time to verify and make sure of it.

- Thursday was the 3rd Season premire of Grey's Anatomy. More than 30 people gathered in the common room on the 6th floor for the premire party (I know we're addicted to the show :p). This French girl got so into it that she started crying in french :P

- Other than my family from all the people I miss back home (Bushra, Cue, Gu,...) The person I miss the most is Ru :S Don't as me why I don't really know :P I just feel that I miss her the most.

This post is not done yet I'm just in a hurry :S

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Without trust, words become the hollow sound of a wooden gong.

If you had a best friend who lied at you many times and stabbed you in the back. If you had a friend that took the most precious thing in your life knowing how much you want it and liked having it. If you had a friend whom you're mom called crying begging to stop doing what he is doing but he totally ignored her. If you had a friend that stepped over you and spit on you just to make his life even better. If you had a friend whom you saw as a brother and was ready to sacrifise body and soul for, a friend that you thought saw you as a brother too. If you had a friend who was good a sweet talking, a friend who sounds like a saint when he talks, but when it came to real life actions he was nothing but a coward. If you had a friend who lied at you and then lied about the lies he said.
Would you trust him ever again? And if you won't should you be blamed for not being able to?

Paulo Coelho says that
Whatever happened once, will not happen a second time. But whatever happened twice, will surely happen a third time.

In this case Paulo's words were so true... So true that what happened twice happend again.. And again... And again...